So is it true that a guy can be hurt bad, therefore emotionally damaged? What about being shy? Or is it just an excuse guys use to not hurt you?

Is it possible for a guy to be really shy and hurt, therefore he has commitment and trust issues that hinder him from having and/or wanting a relationship again, no matter how much he likes a girl?

What are some signs or actions or flags on his behalf that can help a girl recognize this in him to be true?

What if all his family has told you that that's why he is the way he is, but that he does actually have feelings for you, but that's why he can't committ?

What if you know his friends are telling/pushing him to be with you, does that mean he talks to them about you? Is that a good sign?

Do you be patient, or do you walk away?

Or is all this just a front to be nice to a girl, that you want to let down easily?


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  • Wow, that's a lot. So, to start: Yes, a guy can have those issues. We can be just as affected by things in our past as women are. Guys are probably less likely to talk about them, though, which allows them time to sit and fester and just get worse.

    Some people naturally seem to have a tough time opening themselves up to another person. It involves trust and vulnerability and that can be a big barrier to begin with. When that trust is violated, it can be really difficult to regain the ability and willingness to go back again, regardless of how they may feel about you.

    There are no signs to look for. Talk to him. Let him know how you feel. See what else he has to say. And if you're concerned that he's just trying to be nice and let you down easily, make it clear that you would rather have the truth than have your feelings spared. How patient you are willing to be should depend on what you feel for him, and what kind of answers you get from him.


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  • Yes and yes and yes. Gender doesn't change much in that regard.


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  • well of course, gender has nothing to do with it...they might not show it like we do but definitely

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