Which guy would you choose if you were me?

I've been dating around for awhile, but I never found anyone worthwhile. But just a month ago, I started dating 2 guys that I find completely awesome.

Guy 1, he's super nice, lax, intelligent and witty. Quiet and affectionate. We both like a lot of the same things. But he's okay to talk with. Maybe we'll get to know each other more and joke around each other more. And I know he'll be a really good boyfriend. He has REALLY strong feelings for me. I mean really strong. Stronger than mine to be honest. We both had crushes on each other. But I always thought he was too cute for me. But now he's dating only me and wants me to date exclusively!

Guy 2, is adventurous, mischievous, witty, sarcastic, exciting, funny and darn adorable (esp his smile). I'm a lot more attracted to him than Guy 1 that's for sure. However, we're just barely getting to know each other and I know Guy 1 a lot more. Every time we hang out, we'd talk about the craziest far out stories. It's really exciting to talk to him. But I don't know him enough to figure out whether or not he'll be a good boyfriend.


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  • I'd pick guy 1 but then I'd always go for the person whose more committed to a relationship.


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  • Ate you unable to keep dating them both for a little extra time? That would allow time for you to know guy number 2 a little better.
    But if guy 2 is adventurous like you say, he'd be more unpredictable. Could you handle that?

    • I've always been with unpredictable guys and they've always broken my heart. I've never been with anyone that stable. I think I'll get to know Guy 2 a bit more. Thanks :)

    • Good luck! Hope you choose the best one for you. :)

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