I'm completely in love with my best friend, I think she's my soulmate?

I've known my best friend for around 2 years now and after knowing her for about 2 weeks I was completely in love with her, we spend all our time together, think alike about everything, she literally describes me as the male version of herself. Anyway about 6 months into our friendship I told her how I feel and how much I love her too which her response was that she loved me too and wanted to try being in a relationship however about a week later she said that she didn't want to ruin our friendship if it went wrong. Then a week after that started dating another guy. Due to this making me feel we'll really crap I didn't see her and limited our contact to texts occasionally for about 8 months. However we then started to go to university together we instantly becoming best friends again. We started hanging out all the time at the flat she had with the boyfriend mentioned before. About two months after this she broke up with him. Telling me how he wasn't right for her anymore and how he annoys her. She then asked if I wanted to move in with her to which i said yes. Then two weeks after moving in she started dating another guy for around two months, during which I told her that I still love her completely. She told me that she loves me more than her boy friend. How she can't picture her life without me, she told me that she met me too early I'm her life but if she had to settle down now she would choose me to do it with.( I'm 19 she 21 btw) I just wish we could start a relationship together now and just try it, I love her completely and would do anything for her. I would share my whole life with her and do anything to make her happy... Help me.


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  • This is a girl who loves being loved and adored. After ending things with 2 other guys, she ran to you because she on some level cares about you and knows that you love her. Every girl wants to feel loved and she knows that when she's around you, she's put on a pedestal and she likes that.

    This girl has no respect for you. She is taking you for granted and she doesn't view you as a man because no matter what she does or how she treats you or how she runs off to other guys, you still stick around. The only way a relationship with her is going to work is if you finally put your foot down and tell her that you can't be her friend any more and you think it's best that you take a break. After this, if she sees you going after other girls and taking girls on dates and being a man and pursuing, she's probably going to view you in a different light and regret her decision to not date you in the first place. Unless you break things off she won't have respect for you or see you as a MAN and not just her "friend" that cares about her and is always there.


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  • You need to explore. I'm not saying move on either. But maybe trying seeing another girl. She'll see that and then start to see what she's missing out on. Jealousy is a tricky thing. And if she sees how your treating another girl, she might want to be treated like that as well. And then you two can finally talk. Live a little.

    • But what I want is a relationship like committed. But I feel it would be mean to attempt to be with someone else when I love someone else so much, and would want to be with more

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    • I know all this like I've thought about it all before but I just can't stop loving her

    • She just means the world to me, like completely I'd do anything for her

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  • You say you'd wait years for her. Don't run now it will be hard but save yourself. I was in the same boat. Long story short I'm 33 and waited years because I was in love it had to work out we were perfect for each other. She's now engaged and I was her backup, just like you are to her. I'm no longer needed and it hurts a hell of a lot more later on when you realize how stupid you have been, and how many wasted years and opportunities that have passes you by while you are waiting for something that was never gonna happen.

    • But to give up, like how? I want to share my life with her! I'd do anything for her, if someone had us at gunpoint and made me choose who would die and who would live, I'd have them kill me instead of her

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    • Like it hurts all the time

    • I know, but if you get away from her it will still hurt but with tome it will get better. Stay and It will continue to hurt until you get away from her. I've been there. Wish I would have listened to my friends all those years ago.

  • What a horrible toxic person!!! She's using the fuuuuuck out of you. As somebody who has personally been in your shoes, you'll have to take my word on it. What she's doing to you is horrrrrrible, and I know you can't see it because you're so caught up. I was there. I feel pretty bad for you right now because I know you're not going to be able to see it from the position I'm seeing it from. You're not going to be able to see it for awhile yet probably and that makes me feel pretty bad for you.

    Simplest way I can put it, if she really wanted to be with you her ass would be with you. Man, I'm real sorry you got caught up =/

    • Believe me I know where your coming from, it's not as if I've never thought it, I mean I've paid her rent an stuff since I've moved in cus she couldn't afford it, but she means the world to me. I knw it hurts me but I'd wait years just to try being with her :/

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    • I doubt 3 months is enough time but hopefully it is. If that chick is your soul mate, you need to hit up the customer service line and demand a refund. You can do better.

    • Thanks for the help man

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