Do you think I have over reacted in this situation?

I had 2 dates with this guy and he would message me first every day. After the 2 dates he asked if I wanted to catch up again, I felt a bit unsure because I didn't feel a spark, is it possible to feel a spark for someone after you have seen them a few times, instead of the first time? (We haven't kissed at all or anything. And anyway I said yes to catching up with him, because I he is a nice guy from what I gathered. He said we would work out what we're gonna do closer to the day, I didn't hear from him for two days and then it came to the day we were meant to be catching up that night and I still hadn't heard anything, so I messaged him saying "I'm assuming you don't want to do anything" and he said "Yeah if your still keen do you want to do something tonight?" and I got angry and said don't worry about it, I assumed u didn't want to do anything anymore. And he said "I did want to do something, I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't want to do anything, I'm sorry if you're angry at me, I seriously was looking forward to catching up with you tonight."

Anyway we continued to argue a bit and he ended up not replying til the next morning saying "I'm not sure what your feelings are towards the situation but are you still annoyed at me or do you want to meet up again sometime?"
I don't know how to answer him because I feel kind of stupid of how I reacted and I also deleted him off Facebook ( he might not of realised yet) I've been feeling really down so I think that's why I may have lost it at him so easily, but do I have a right to have got annoyed?

I was never the one to contact him first either and I feel bad if I see him again and still don't feel a spark..and it might be awkward, I don't know what to do. Only asking if I'm still keen to do something, after I've said something at 3pm that day, so it was left a bit late. I'm wondering what would of happened if I hadn't messaged at all?


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  • Dear Hot Head
    Sometimes a spark just hasn't been found yet, usually from poor research and half-hearted trying. If you want to get to a decision w/o regrets faster, you'll need to spend talking-time, face-face with this guy and play 100 questions with each other until some things click... maybe a pub game - if others don't butt in - maybe a sailing or on the dock date = 3-4 hours+

    Once some clicks are found, try them out on a date to see if sparks can fly.
    If no, then maybe someone else might be easier to set on fire & vice versa.

    This guy is willing to try, so I rate him an A+ for that.

    • Lmao at you calling me hot head haha... Yeah I ended up having a talk with him and I would like to see him again. He is a really nice guy..

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