How to win a woman's heart when she is seeing another guy?

I am in college and my female roommate is easily one of the most gorgeous girls I have seen in person, I am so drawn to her it is ridiculous, but I cannot help my feelings.

I am 21 and she is 24, and here's the kicker, we are housemates...

The other day I saw her with another man in the house, and they even went on a romantic walk together. Seeing her with another guy made me feel both angry and depressed at the same time, to the point where I could not even focus on my school work. I cannot fathom the image of this douchebag penetrating her, it makes me feel physically sick.

Since I moved in with her I have been very kind, have carried a positive demeanor and have done all kinds of housework: I vacuum, take out the garbage, sweep the floors, empty the dishwasher, I even pulled dandelions out of her yard. I do this out of the goodness of my own heart and my desire to serve others.

I baked cookies for her and her friend (I have 2 female roommates) and made point to offer them the cookies when I saw them.

I am just as physically attractive as she is if not more so, and I make an effort to dress as nicely as I can every day.

The thing is, she seems reluctant to communicate with me very much, perhaps because I am her roommate, which I can understand, I've known her for 1 month and I am living with her for 2 more months.

I know this is a bit much, but I want her to stop seeing this backwards-cap and flip-flop wearing idiot and want her to develop strong feelings of attraction towards me.

I am better dressed than him, more handsome in the face than him, smile more than him, will have a better career than him. I honestly think I am untouchable compared to him, the only advantage over me being his increased physical size, older age and masculinity. I will not let this fool steal this woman's heart, I cannot accept it.

I think I have done my very best to give off the best impression possible to her so far, but need advice on what to do next.
How to win a woman's heart when she is seeing another guy?
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