Girl suggests foot massage for 2nd date...?

Had a positive first date.
Got a 2nd date with a 'lets do something next week'.
Girl texts first stating she is free on XYZ day.
We set something up.

She then asks what I think about getting a foot massage.
Note: This is a evening date.

Have I already hit the friend-zone one date in?

FYI - The text tone sounded like going to get one at a place not from her but maybe I am over-reading it.
IE - Pedicure


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  • idk. i dont think a person who is going to or already has friend zoned you will offer a foot massage. even if she wanted to get with you or not thats just weird lol.

  • Well just in case, you want to send yourself sailing WAAAAY clear of that friend zone. So when you grab her feet, wrap them the hell around your dick and request a foot job "like the good ol' days that grandpa always talked about".

    There is no other option here, friend.