Am I wrong or is he overreacting?

Lately my bf has been really busy with his life and we haven't spent any real time together. During the weekdays I have work, so does he. After a long work day, we're too tired to really do anything. So we stay in and watch Netflix and sleep. I see him maybe 1-2 times a week on the weekdays. Then on weekends when we can do stuff, he's off hiking or fishing or something with his brother. So basically I never see him anymore.

I have some free time on my hands so I joined a coed dodgeball league in my city. We meet a few times to play then grab drinks/dinner afterwards. I'm having fun, I'm new people and making new friends, im trying a sport I normally wouldn't do.

But my bf got really pissed when I joined. He accuses me of wanting to find anothe guy, etc. I explained that I have some free time and rather the sit at home watching tv all night, I wanted to get out and do something. But he doesn't understand this and still accuses me of wanting a new bf

Am I wrong? Is he overreacting?


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  • I don't think you are overreacting. What you are doing is perfectly fine and acceptable. I do think you should remind yourself that temptation can pop up anywhere and you must be vigilant about that at dodgeball as well as anywhere else.

    Your best course of action is to let him know that you on your guard and you are aware of the risks but nothing will become of it. Just make sure nothing does. That being said, you really do deserve "self-determination" in your own time. So have fun at dodgeball! Just keep things on the level.


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  • Definitely overreacting. Don't let him stop you from living your life. Both of you should have your time apart. If you allow him to "control" what you do or don't do even one time then he will do it over and over again because he knows you will back down. A healthy relationship has boundaries and both parties are entitled to some freedom.

  • You aren't wrong at all. If he's spending his free time doing other things, knowing how little time you two spend together, he shouldn't be expecting you to lay around waiting until he bothers to call.