If someone always seems to come back into your life when things are getting good what do you see it as a sign as?

Not necessarily saying they mess it up or bring you down but they don't exactly help.

Would you consider them as someone who is suppose to be apart of your life or as someone who's toxic for you?


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  • Hm yeah I was wondering this as well. Things are finally going good with this new girl. I suddenly bump into my ex I did not know she started working as a babysitter for my neighbors. As I see her everyday with the kids I just fall back into the time when we weren't fighting. I don't know what it means. She doesn't do anything bad but just seeing her so happy again and with kids just makes me reconsider why I even left her. Why we were so stupid and too stubborn.

    • Tried talking to her?

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    • Dump this new girl and pursue an old love?

    • Talk to her first then make a decision

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