Does He Like Me? Or Are We Still 'Just Friends'?

I like my friend, Jon. But we have a mutual friend who is obsessed with me and it seemed to keep Jon from ever making a move.

But I ran into Jon at the bar and we did our usual flirting and talking. When I left he texted me and told me to come back. I ended up going to his friend's house.

Long story short I spent the night. I started on the couch but he offered his bed. First we just lied there. And as I was on his chest I could hear his heart pounding and his breathing was fast. I asked if he was okay and he admitted he was freaking out. He first said he felt bad for our friend. But he also was having a hard time resisting.

I told him it was up to him. Then he started kissing me. We made out and some clothes came off (but I didn't sleep with him). He admitted he'd wanted to do this since we first met. But I sorta freaked out at how fast it was all happening and he slowed down and apologized. But we still kept making out and stuff.

When I left he kissed me on the cheek and said he 'wouldn't be weird' over this. I said 'me either'. I texted him the next day apologizing for freaking out and told him I hoped he still wanted to hang out this summer and that he wasn't feeling guilty.

He said he felt a little guilty but that I didn't need to apologize and that he still wanted to hang out too. So now I don't know what we are?

Does he seem to like me? He's called me very pretty before, we always flirt, he stares and he makes jokes that he's 'not good enough for me', that I'm the 'princess' of our school, said I have a 'hot body' etc.


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  • Really? YES, he really likes you! And you better move fast or else y'all will be back into the friendzone and this time you won't ever come out!


    Text him this weekend. Ask him if he is home. When he says yes, rush over there with a six pack of beer and a new movie. Knock on the door, give him the movie and the beer and then start making out with him. If he tries to say anything, just tell him to shut up and continue to make out.

    If you want him to go all the way, you will have to do it for him (he is going to be shocked by all this ha ha). If not, just make out with him some more and then after say, "I was just really glad to see you and couldn't resist! Now let's watch a movie!" During the movie cuddle up close and make sure he gets the hint that you really like him.

    You're welcome.

    *Spreading the truth one word at a time.

  • He likes you, but he's caught in a difficult position between getting with you and upsetting and potentially losing his friend.


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