Did he lose interest in me or do I still have a chance?

So, like many people I was hesitant to try online dating but my friend had a good experience so I went for it. Started chatting with a few guys, only really connected with one...who lives about an hour away. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and started texting. He asked me to go out the next week, I was thrilled! He was a gentleman and asked where he could pick me up, where I'd like to go, etc...he drove the hour to where I live and we went out to dinner and then drinks and had a GREAT time. We continued to text and it was implied that we both were into each other. Second time and third time we hung out I had to go see him, because he kept cancelling whenever we'd plan to hang out near me. We had sex both times. After that third time we saw each other, we still texted a little but then two months went by until the next time I saw him, again it was only because I went to see him in his town. That last time he seemed distant and not so interested in conversation or me in general. We had sex but it was not very good, I ended up staying the night and left the next morning. For a couple weeks after I texted him first most of the time and asking him to hang out again. He kept making excuses and then I saw he posted a picture of him and another girl on Facebook. I haven't heard from him since, and that was like a week ago. Should I give up? Did he lose interest? What can I do to salvage this?


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  • I would look for someone else.


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