Do you think he is still interested?

I met this really nice guy on Tinder while I was studying abroad and we dated and were talking for about four weeks. We got into some very deep conversations about each others lives and there definitely was a connection there. He was very sweet and we hung out the last night before I left (to go back to the states for two months before I move back overseas to the same city as him).

He told me he was upset that I was leaving, but since I've left he's hardly written me/spoken to me. We didn't have a conversation about being exclusive, but he did say he wished I wasn't leaving and got emotional early on during the morning I was leaving.

The odd thing was, he sort of "shut off" once things sunk in that I had to go. I'm just slightly confused as to where things stand. He left me with a "I'll see you", and that was it. We've messaged on FB a bit and he send me messages saying he found one of my friends on tinder and swiped yes just so he could tease her.

I wasn't sure how to take that, I know he was joking but it slightly bothers me that he's on Tinder and being this open about it after we dated for 4 weeks. Do you think he's still interested?


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  • I think he's needy and desperate wishing you weren't leaving...pretty sure you don't want to be exclusive with him yet.
    By the way, he's still interested, IF you reach out for him more often.
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