Going on date with the girl driving?

I had a DUI, I get my license back the end of this month. I have been talking to several girls flirting with them and getting them out of their comfort zone. My mentality is that I can't go on any dates until I get my license back because no girl wants to have them drive and me pay for the dinner, movie etc.

I was thinking about asking this girl tonight to grab dinner but would it be weird to have her drive and me pay? Would she think differentlly? Do you people have any suggestions I could make for the future so I don't have any negative ideas coming to my head?

I really appreciate the support.


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  • Just tell it like it is. Honesty is positive trait.


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  • I would wait it out till you can drive again. first impressions are first impressions.

  • Driving is literally a nothingburger. Just do it.