Rejection after the 6th date with kisses and lot of atraction?

She mentioned that her life was so difficult for work, family trouble and also traumatized divorce. I can not stop thinking about her, which is strange because it never happened before in a short period of time dating. What should I do? Be supportive or just move on and go away? I am having a painful moment.


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  • Most times I would say if she rejected you move on, but this is an outside circumstance. Be there for her. Let her know this isn't a deal breaker. Then if she still feels that the relationship won't work, move on. If she does, you will have a solid foundation for a relationship ahead where she will believe she can turn to you for anything. Goodluck!


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  • So you want to give a bit more background here? You like her but she has baggage? What? Seriously if you like her then be there for her, if you dont then walk away. Its not rocket science. Just know what you are getting into before you go there. Because if she has a lot of issues and you are not prepared for it you are going to hate the relationship. A really good idea would be to talk to her about things. See where she stands.

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