So the weirdest thing happened...?

I was on my way to dating this guy and he texted me on Monday asking when my next days off were so we could hangout. I replied and he hasn't talked to me since then...I texted him yesterday and still nothing. he isn't the type to not reply to me because he was so gunghoe on dating. Do you think something happened to his phone? Or is he done?


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  • I think something happened to his phone. wait it out a little and see. if he is ignoring you then you won't ever hear from him and have your answer. or he's dead lol.

    • I think I overthink too much haha, his phone was being crappy before. It sucks because I want to see him!!

    • isn't it an awesome feeling? you wanna see him so bad:) I know how you feel haha.

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