What would you do? Go with your old girlfriend or new one?

I split with my girlfriend a few months ago after 6 years because she cheated now she says she is sooo sorry and only wants me but I've started to see another girl who i like and have had sex with them both over the last few days now im confused! What would you do? Go with the new one or old one? Or just go with both to and see what happens?


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  • Why would you forgive someone who cheated on you? Or even have the thought of forgiving them.

    I'd say the new one. She deserves a chance.

    • Just thinking 6 years is a long time to throw away because of our history but when i was with her i felt the trust had completly gone but the new one is sweet but because she is going away in a few months there is no chance of a long term relationship unless we do long distance for 2 years which prob won't work

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    • Yeah i can just see both short term i think

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  • Stay single and work on becoming a Man in every sense of the word. Then go out and meet people. Hopefully by then you will be able to attract the right type of person because you have achieve that change from within yourself.

    • Haha im already a man! Just need to stay single and have fun with everyone ;)

  • "Or just go with both and see what happens?" First off, this right here makes you stoop down to your exes level, most likely lower. Go back with your ex, the new girl deserves to be with someone who is going to either A: lead her on, or B: date another girl while dating her.

    What would I do? Firstly I wouldn't have made the ridiculous decision to have sex with those two people in the past few days, that's just a dumb decision.

    • Yeah think i should just keep having sex with both of them and stay single

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  • it's really on you to make this decision

    who do you feel most invested with? how do you trust most? can you 100% forgive you ex? does the new girl seem like a really good potential long term gf?

    it's really a decision you have to make but just sort of go through all the questions and answers yourself and I think it will make things more clear... if it were me though, as a guy who has been cheated on, I'd go with the new gal for a while. give her a serious chance for a few months. if things don't seem to be heading in the right direction then maybe you go back to the ex

    • I dont think ill ever be able to trust the ex ever again but she's telling me she loves wants the future we talked about for years and all that but when i was with her i was always thinking about trusting her, the new is complete opposite i feel comfortable but i want to have sex with both of them

    • i was cheated on. the girl said she was sorry, would never do it.

      I took her back. but I couldn't shake both the lack of trust, sense of betrayal and sense of disrespect. It didn't last more than a few weeks because I couldn't see her the same anymore...from personal experience I don't get back together with cheaters because to me the act of cheating (esp in a 6 year relationship) is a huge HUGE sign of disrespect

    • I agree your right 100% thanks

  • why are you asking us which one to go with? you should go with the one you like.

    • I like both?

    • ok well you'll still have to weight it out to which one you like more. if you can't decide for yourself why would you think we have any better judgment? you know them better than we do. you know yourself more than us.

    • Well usually some people have been in same situation so they usually give their opinion on what they did

  • The new one. These hoes ain't loyal

  • She cheated and hurt you.
    She betrayed you once, how can you know she won't do it again?
    Don't become her wiping ball!

    Have some self-respect man, a woman should never be allowed to hurt you.

    Your new girl deserves a fair chance, to get the same exclusivity as your old girlfriend.

    • Yeah i no your right but i want to use her for a while for some reason, the ex i mean but hopefully dont want to mess up with the new girl

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