What's it like dating a guy with Crohen's?

Or what he calls it is Colitis.
Also if we were to marry and then have kids, how will our kids turn out? I have anxiety and panic disorder which I take medication for. Will our kid have all that too?
I've been on 2 dates with him already. One physical meeting and the other one dating over Skype. Then tomorrow we're going to a carnival after he gets out of work. It's the last day of the carnival tomorrow.

I'm a not a virgin and neither is he. But I want to wait at least 4 months before we have sex, or is that too long? He said he'd wait for ever how long. I didn't tell him 4 months though. I just said that once we get to know each other more.

I met him online, but turns out I know his family. I just know his two younger brothers ever since high school, but I don't know his younger sister or his parents.


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  • I don't know about the Crohen's thing but with the panic and anxiety disorder I know that if you were to have kids there is a high chance of your kids having the disorder as well, I have a friend with depression and an anxiety disorder. Her mom has it and so does most of her family on her mom's side. My mom has depression and so do I.


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