So I like a shy guy and people around me are saying to get and meet other people, but people on gag are saying go for it.?

Dilemma Dilemma. What do I do? I really like him and we have a history together. He's a nice guy with a job, but he does lime to party on the weekends. He lacks inexperience with the ladies. I have a child, not with him.


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  • Go for it if you like him, if not then obviously go for someone else, go for the ones you like.

    Why struggle finding other people you like, if you already like someone?

    • that's what I'm saying I have like this Guy for 2 years and we have a history together and I don't want to just give up because people are telling me that I need something better in my life when I feel like him and I have been making progress although it slow we've been making process

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    • I agree. I should go after what I want. Screw what everyone else is saying. They don't know about us.

    • I guess it boils down to fear and rejection

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  • If you like him and you think it'd worth it, go for him! Don't ever quit until you know for certain that he's out of your grasp. If you walk away early, I guarantee you'll regret it later down the line.


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