What do you think this guy wants from me?

So we have been friends for 2 months and suddenly he decided he had feelings for me, I always had feelings for him but just as a crush because I knew it would never happen as his age is 26 and I'm 19. So he told my friend he got a permanent job offer in another city and he turned it down because he wanted to see how things went with me. We haven't actually had a conversation about what we are or if he just wants sex etc. we have only made out and hung out once alone but over 10 times with other friends. He calls me 'babe' and 'Hun'. What do you think he wants? The only thing that's stoping me from dating him is how much older he is from me and what everyone would think. Opinions?


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  • If you don't like him, then just be honest. Don't keep him hoping
    that one day you might change your mind, if you're sure your not going too.