Should I wait for a girl that I've been in love with four 2 years now?

So there's been this girl I've been in love with for the past two years now and finally we are getting to know each other. Our history though has not been so hot because I told her how I felt about her twice and both times she pushed me away and stopped talking to me for a couple months. Now, we are getting closer as I mention before but she is going to be gone a lot this summer and goes to school across the country. My question now is if I should wait for her. I want to because I've literally never met anyone like her and we are now just getting to know each other, however; I also don't want to because I feel like she might be leading me on or just wanting to have me as a back up in case she doesn't find someone better than me.

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  • I'm sorry if this hurts, but I feel like I relate to this girl. I met this dude sometime last year and we started talking, and right away he decided he had a crush on me. I always pretended not to know until Valentine's day when he gave me some flowers. I felt HORRIBLE, but I let him down nicely. Well, now he's wearing certain stuff in an effort to impress me and is telling everyone he'll just wait, and honestly it kinda creeps me out, plus in a manner it's insulting, like any relationship i'm in if destined to crash and burn. If she doesn't like you she doesn't like you. Sorry man


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  • Dude she just isn't in to you, if she was not before and she changed her mind you would know by now because she knows you won't reject her but she hasn't made a move on you. Sorry

  • Dude give it up. I was in your situation and I wasted the good years of my life while she was out slutting it up.

  • I agree it probably won't work with you two. If a girl is into usually she'll make it clear. Please don't waste your time waiting around for nothing. There are tons of other girls out there.

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