We both like each other, we said it ourself but why aren't we an item/couple? what it is that holding her back from moving forward?

For the past several months, I been talking with this gal..

the first time we met, we were just hanging out.. nothing special..

but after that, things have changed.

Over Halloween, we saw each other back to back for 3 days... after that, we pretty much saw each other every weekend..

there was this one time during dinner, we both ordered dessert and she asked if i would like to try hers.. and i said sure.. why not.. but instead of me taking my fork to it.. she handed it to my mouth and fed me.. at the time, all the people in restaurant wonder if we were an couple..

after a few more times of going out.. we started to get a bit closer with each other.. I would open the doors for her.. she would let me hold on to her hand while we talk.. at that time, we were pretty much an couple without an title to it..

The way we acted.. even my boys notice that she was my significant other.. and her girls sensed that me and her were an item.. cause whenever we all go out, i'm usually dancing with her and no one else.

on top of that, she talks about me in front of her girlfriends..

but one night during dinner, she asked me if I saw her more as a friend like an item or an couple.. i told her yes, I do see you more as a friend and I want us to be an item.. then, I asked her if she sees me more as a friend.. like a boyfriend. She said yes too and then we both kissed..

and ever since then, we had not seen each other for over 2 months.. I tried contacting her but nothing.. but one day, I called and told her how much i missed her company and would like to see her.. she said yes too but when that day comes.. she text me and said ' i'm uncomfortable around you"

but now.. I started posting stuff on Facebook and she likes most of my post..

this is what i don't get.. we both like each other, we said it and meant it.. but why can't we be an couple?
what's hold us back then? life's too short and no one can guarantee what happens tomorrow..


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  • It makes no sense to me either. Are there cultural differences?


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