Do you believe that it's true that you need to know how love yourself in order to love someone else?

Why or why not? im curious :3


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  • The birth of this thought is biblical in root. What it means is that you are complete and born perfect, you have a conscious knowledge of your creator and understand in most circumstances you are a one of a kind master piece. You love what looks back in the mirror at you.

    You will hear movies where people speak of needing another to complete them. This way of thinking is flawed. You see people who can never spend time alone or live with themselves and will alway have someone in their lives. These thing make a person weak in mind.

    Before you can love another, one needs to be complete and part of being complete is love of self. If a man love himself he will not cheat on his mate or disrespect his mate, this is not the kind of person he wants looking back at him in the mirror.


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  • I think that statement holds no value. The way you would love yourself is completely a different chemistry.

    • So you believe a person can be a good lover even if they hate themselves?

    • Yes... Very likely.

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  • I agree with that wholeheartedly

    • what's you logic to that?

    • *your

    • If you have issues and baggage that's unresolved. You will bring those things with you, that can weigh on a relationship