Home bodies- Where are easy places to meet guys to date?

I'm such a homebody. Introverted. Social anxiety. I think the social anxiety part is easily masked and I can confidently say I can talk to people easily and do make friends easily, but have such a hard time maintaining because of being such a homebody, which the social anxiety makes that much more difficult to get me out there.

I don't meet anyone new hardly ever. Zero opportunities at work or near where I work.

I do a lot alone. Love love being active but do home exercise and sometimes go out for walks. No dog to walk, which I find makes it easier for some.
Love going and getting a coffee at local coffee shops. Love shopping.

I know one coffee shop a guy is interested but he's not quite my type. And at the bank, the sweetest guy but still not my type though I am interested in getting to know him as he's just so very kind like his face lights up when he sees me and is so nice.

But that's it really. That's far in between. Most basic places I go.

I just wonder if there's other places besides shopping and the like that I am comfortable doing that I may meet other guys? I've thought of gallery openings but you know what, really not my type (I say this a lot, I know). I just like more rugged men than coffee shop people and the artist types (artist type whom I'm quite familiar with being one myself).
I find the galleries hard though because of the social anxiety. It's not quite a place I'm comfortable with.

I'm more open than I'm sounding though, let me assure of that.

But I'd love some more ideas, if anything I've mentioned has sparked some


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  • Bars and Clubs. Everyone there is for that type of stuff.

    They'll say they're just with friends but in actuality they are looking for women vice versa.

    You would be approached at a bar or club. Look up videos on how to overcome nervousness.

    But I think that the fact that you are nervous is good. Gives guys opportunities.

    Then again, Bars and clubs aren't the only thing. Just be prepared to expect anything wherever you go. Wherever you go, dress as if you are ready to meet a guy. Dress decently.


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  • Maybe try going on walks in different locations? Explore new areas of town. Bookstores? Maybe you've tried all that before but it sounds like you're not doing too badly. I, for example, tend to plan to do things like you mentioned and then completely skip out on it due to anxiety :( It really sucks so I know what you're going through. If you have any tips for me I'd be more than happy to hear them haha

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