This girl is the most annoying girl in the world yet I want her more and more everyday?

I'm going to try and keep this short , basically I meet this girl a year or so ago and though she was perfect only to find out the exact opposite yet I still like her and want her more and more everyday , I'm like in love with her at this point.

but she does stuff that is so annoying it borders on rediclous and I should of thrown her to the curb months ago. some of what she's done , she added me on Facebook then wouldn't talk to me then a few months later blocked me , she doesn't reply much to texts even if there genuine questions , she ignored me entirely when she was away at school even though she was only 1 hour away and I would of liked to come and visited her , she gets jealous when I talk to other girls yet won't agree to date me , she has great boobs yet refuses to show them off in public , she likes to drink and gets so drunk she's wasted by 12pm after just a couple drinks and then makes no sense rest of night , she accepted a ride in my car but decided to sit in back seat instead of front beside me and even had nerve to leave garbage In the car , she asks me where I live yet never comes over to see me and she lives nearby , she throw a public outburst once when I tried to talk to her a few months back when we were going through some issues , she hits on hot guys when I'm around just to try and make me jealous , she even gives out her # to totally random guys at the bar who she never even see's again , but we are still good friends and do talk regularly everytime we see each other at bars and such and have genuine conversations , its an odd friendship if nothing else

anyways what annoys me the most about all this is that after all this bs I still want this girl , I can't explain why but I really do still like her and really attracted to her and extremely sexually attracted to her , maybe its the fact I can't have her that makes me want her more


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  • This is her way of trying to get your attention. And her saying I like you

    • ok but why doesn't she just date me already? she could like be my serious gf if she wanted , I don't see why some females play so many games with guys that just want to date them and have fun with them

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    • she already knows I'm attracted to her and like her body , she has a nice body and knows guys like it

    • Try asking her out make it sweet so she will say yes this time lol

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  • She definitely wants you and isn't letting you have it. But I think you're into her that way just because you can't have her. And once you do... I hope you don't break her heart.

    • but why do you think she just won't let me have it , if she likes me? its all getting very weird , she's at the age where she should be ready to date and comfortable having sex when in a relationship

    • Because she doesn't trust you yet. You just have to understand her and let her be herself. Like her for being herself. Don't sexualize her, that'll only make you two grow apart.

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  • You will find that the more you hate something, the more you come to love it. This is Law.