Am I trying too hard? Do I deserve more?

I know i try harder in my relationship with my boyfriend than he does. I am constantly trying to make him happy and would do anything for him. my boyfriend says he would die for me, but when i confronted him about how unbalanced our relationship is.. he agreed that it was unbalanced and then proceeded to say he wasn't going to try to make it balanced because he "doesn't want to put in too much effort for something that could fall apart"

I put my all into this and i love him with all my heart. I know he loves me the same. I know he does. And if he would just put in half of the effort i do i know we'd be a kick ass couple.. but he refuses to.

When i bring up something in the relationship that is bothering me, for example i wanted him to just try to talk a little more when we get into arguments rather than sit there and not try to compromise or work things out, he says "if you don't like it, be with somebody else"...

i just don't know what to do.. he says he'd do anything for me and then he turns around and says to go be with somebody else.

Am i trying too hard? If i start acting like i care less, will this make him pull away even more? or make him realize what he has?

Im starting to get to a point where I'm feeling like i should just end things.. i want a guy who will appreciate all that I've given up for him.. idk.. please help


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  • He sounds like a looser. Do you really like/love him? You should be getting as much out of your relationship as he is. Yes you may be trying too hard.

    Do you have sex with him? If so is he the one getting all the orgasms or does he please you just as much. You deserve some fun also.

    If he does not like what you have to offer then dump him. After jerking off instead of being with you he may soon realize he has missed the boat.

    • yeah.. i really do love him.
      we have sex, but not a lot of it which is weird to me..

      i just don't get why he is so against giving a little. I absolutely am not asking him to change, i don't want that at all, but giving a little would be nice. i just give so much of myself that i feel i deserve the same

    • Ummmm not a lot of sex and you both are young...that sounds weird. Does he please you during sex? If not why not? You deserve some fun!

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