Should I go out with this guy tonight?

I met this guy about a week ago. We've been texting just about every other day and I've let him know when I'm free so we've already planned to go out either tomorrow or next friday. I told him it would most likely be next Friday cause my family is in town this week.

He texted me tonight and asked if I wanted to go see a movie tonight. It's 8:30. But I don't really know him that well so I wouldn't want him to pick me up and I can't meet him cause my car is being repaired and I won't have it back until tomorrw. Plus I've had a long day hanging out with my family that's in town and I'm already in my PJ's haha

So, what should I tell him?


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  • Movies are the worst first date. Very hard to get to know someone because you aren't suppose to talk and you can't look at each other very well. Ask him for a simple coffee so you two can get to know each other and go from there.


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