Keep pursuing or nah? Don't wanna lose this chance?

I've been talking to this girl for a couple of weeks and things have been good. Been trying to talk to her on the phone and every time I call no answer. We've talked on the phone before, but we haven't lately. I'm a guy who would rather talk on the phone to hear you. Texting is cool, but its better to hear her voice

She's even said she's called me, but my phone never said a missed call and I've never had that happen where someone said they called and no call was missed. I don't know what to think right now. Should I keep at it with this girl even if she has expressed she does like me?


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  • Your one in a million calling over texting that doesn't happen these day. but you can still text even once in a while shows your interested even if you are calling her. Maybe she gets nervous on the phone who knows. Keep pursuing see where it goes. Hopefully she puts forth more effort on her part. :)

    • hope so too. i really like this girl and i'm not trying to lose a chance of getting her

    • thanks for mh :)

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  • You have to come up with a compromise, because she want to text and you want to talk

    • Very true, but its weird when she was telling me she wants to talk to me, but yet when I call, she doesn't answer. I take it that she could be busy, but I call after she gets off and has time to relax

    • If you feel she is playing, stop calling and let her come to you

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  • its a dead end.. better leave it :)

    • you think so?

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    • i hear you yo, but its weird how she tells me she likes me, she saying she wants me, she says she wants to talk to me

    • that is just to keep u in loop with u pouring her the attention... :) tell her in the face.. u are telling but u are actions are begging to differ and confront her... i missed to confront in my past. gave the girl to escape saying we are just friends and shit... dont give them chance :) tell to take it in the face