Girls just want to talk on pof?

How come girls always just want to talk on pof? If I suggest talking on the phone and moving on from just texting they don't want to. I'm not getting any dates on this site.


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  • do the texting for a while and keep it fun and interesting not just a bunch of back and forth questions. if she's barely putting any effort into the conversations, she likely isn't very interested, maybe not in you, or maybe just not in what you're saying.

    i was on pof and i got hundreds of messages per day that i was going through. i responded to well under 25% and that was just the first step. I would then go on to text some. if some asked to meet me too soon or add me on fb too soon, generally i'd get put off and would stop talking to them. if they waited long enough, and were interesting enough, i'd do the Skype test. almost all failed that part. some creeped me out, some seemed too eager, some seemed fake, some i found i wasn't attracted to, etc.

    online dating is a huge process but you have to put forth the time and the effort, and not take things too fast or slow. and in case you were wondering if it worked for me in the end, it did. I've been in a relationship for almost a year now with someone i met on there.


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  • For me it takes a lot to trust a guy to even bother talking to him. So many of them on there ask about sex, cup size, etc. Obviously I don't want to waste my time with them but it takes time to weed those assholes out. I certainly never met anyone without talking for at least a month.

    My other problem with most guys on dating websites is that they have no ability to have a conversation. They want me to ask them question after question with nothing in return. Then they give me one word answers and wondered why I stopped responding. A few times I bluntly explained their inability to carry on a conversation and I don't like giving quizzes. If you can't do it when you have the time to come up with responses what will happen if we are actually talking... awkward silence.

    • I agree completely with this statement.

    • I've been texting one girl for about a week now and just now suggested we talk on the phone. I wasn't going to ask het out, just talk. Hopefully I didn't scare her off. My problem is that she doesn't add anything to the conversations I start with her so it just ends up being me asking her questions and her giving me short answers.

    • I don't like texting until after I've met someone. Before that everyday the conversation is the same... "How are you?" "Fine, how are you?" "Good" And so on. Conversations should be slow and go through a dating website for awhile, that's what they are there for. If you just want a phone number to talk on your phone what's the point of the free dating website. Don't move so fast. Make it clear you are interested and converse. If she isn't responding much move on or ask her why her answers are so short.

  • You move too fast, there's gotta be trust there before I meet someone off a website and there's got to be a genuine connection, I want to build a small friendship and have common interests before I g o on a date with him or I'm not going to bother. Too many guys want to meet up after 2 or 3 messages when I know hardly anything about him and it gives me a negative impression of him. Makes him look pushy and interested in just getting laid not getting to know me and seeing if I'm right for him. Also agree with everything turtleluv said.

    • Even giving a phone number is risky because if it gets awkward there will be silence and what if he is a creep? He's going to have my number and might harass me or keep calling when I break it off

    • she gave me her number after the first day or two so we've just been texting.

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