Should I tell him that I know? by the way she is very pretty. ...I'm confident but why cheat on her? Guys...answer please lol?

I met a guy online but we haven't met yet. We had great conversation by text and we only talked by phone once within the past 2 months. He is a doctor and work 7 days on and 7 days off. I asked him if he had a Facebook or instagram. He said he didn't but he seemed so mysterious. I managed to locate his Facebook and instagram account and saw pics with another woman that he was dating a year ago and there hasn't been any activity since. I didn't think anything until I saw her Facebook page. I found his. Her most recent post was a pic of her on top of a mountain. I noticed her status said in a relationship with him. Now I didn't want him to think I was snooping around so I asked him if he was seeing someone and if so I didn't want to cause trouble if we started to really like each other. He said no and that he is dying to meet me. Now I kind of been throwing out some hints so he can pick up the fact that I might know. Well because he told me a lie I told him i had a strange feeling about him and I don't know about meeting him. He kept giving me reasons as to why we should meet and that I should think about it. He said we are a lot a like and belives we may have a connection. I agree. He sent me a pic of him today that was similar to hers. He took a pic on the mountain. When I jokingly asked him why he didn't take someone special and who took his pic his said I should go with him and that a lady took his pic. I asked him why he didn't ask her out? He said the lady was in her 50s. I know this woman he is supposedly in a relationship with took his pic. Why do guys cheat? He must not be happy with her because he is pursuing me. He told me to think about meeting him...that he will leave it up to me. Now he want to call me more. I'm not initiating anything. I kind of like this bc he wants to see me so badly but I don't plan on seeing him knowing that he's lying. This is fun. Should I tell him or see how far he will go? He's asking me to go see him but he should come c me lol


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  • wasting your time he is playing games find a real man.If he lies about her, he will lie about you to others if you and him become serious

    • Right. ..I just think it's funny. I was still asking about it last night and still insist that he's single...smh. I'm not initiating a text but if he does im going to tell him that I know he is in one but he doesn't have to know how. I'm going to leave it at thay. It's sad bc she can't see it.

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  • Come straight out and tell him what you found, and see if he tells you its his sister or better yet his neice

    • Lol good idea...I told him that whatever he is hiding he can tell me. I just want to see what it takes to get a man to come out. Lol

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    • I'm trying not to look to far onto it but at least I know how far to go with him. I'm not initiating a get together. When or if he does I know at some point he is going to have to give me an update on his relationship with her. He says he's about to become single. We will see. He lives about an hour away from me. I told him that he can call anytime and we can hang out with a group of friends. Either way I told him i don't want to lose him as a friend

    • I think your playing it smart, although maybe you could be a little more aggresive if you really like him

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