How much weight does my boyfriend have to gain before I can tell him to diet?

When I started going out with my boyfriend five months ago, he was in relatively good shape. But over the last six weeks or so, he's put on at least fifteen pounds. He's had a lot of family issues and a very tough time at work, but it's no excuse for eating like a pig, which is what he's been doing. I know this sounds cruel, but he wasn't exactly the most handsome man in the world to begin with, and I'm really not attracted to him the same since he's let himself go.

I keep myself in good shape, and I think it's very unfair of him not at least to mention his weight gain and promise to cut down on his eating.

Am I being unfair? My friends say he's not fat enough for me to mention it, but how much more weight do I have to let him put on before I can tell him to diet? I'm the one who has to look at him.

Also, do you have any advice on how I can talk to him about his weight gain? I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I do want him to listen.

Thank you very much.

DodgersGM -- I got with him because he's very clever, and he's a nice guy, so I was willing to overlook his looks (or lack thereof). But now I wonder if there was ever really any chemistry between us to begin with...


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  • 1. Why did you get with him if you thought he wasn't all that handsome?

    2. I'd just approach it from the perspective of you caring about his health. At the end of the day, that's really what it is anyways. :-)


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