What do you tell a girl after greetings?

i know it sounds stupid but i suck at girls, i never had a date before but there is a possibility of having one soon, i dont know what conversations to have with girls since a lot of things that revolves in my head are irrelevant to mainstream people so i freeze when im around girls.After greetings, what kind of convs can i start?

anyone help please


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  • Try to find something common bw both of you and talk about it.get to know her.ask her questions.compliment her about her personality like " I've never seen someone as optimistic as you" , " no one can beat u at this" etc etc.girls love genuine compliments

    • haha that sounds interesting though i personally dont like to be complemented face to face.thanks hey will def try that

    • Haha, but let me tell u whenever ull complement her she will act like she can't believe it n will say things like"really?" "No, I'm not like that most of the times" but ull have to make sure that u make her believe that whatever u said is truth

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  • Compliment her. Ask her how was her day? Ask her if she has seen some recent movie. Once you find something in common then eventually one topic will just lead to another. If there is a pause in the conversation and you can't think of anything to say then just ask for her opinion on some topic and you express your opinion too.

    • thanks will try that. the difficult part is when we completely have nothing in common.

    • You will eventually find at least one thing in common. Don't stress too much about it. Good luck! :)

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