He stood me on the 3th date, why? he screwed me up and messed up my mind. Help...I can't figure out why...?

I met this guy on line about one month ago, he drove to the hague from amsterdam at 10pm on a Sunday night to see me after talking for less than a day, and he liked me much already after the 1st date, and couldnt wait to see me again, we went on a 2nd date 6 days later, between those 6 days, he texted me less and less, I went to Amsterdam to see him on the second date, we had dinner and went to his place to drink, then I slept with him, i left the next day. Then he texted me even less than b4, he sent me a mesge every 4 day and never bothered to reply soon after, he took like a day to answer or just not answering at all. About 1 week after the 2nd date, he asked when we met again, so I said this Wednesday, the plan was I went to Amsterdam again to go to movie with him at 21pm, it was about an hour by train from Rotterdam, and I went there earlier to go on another date, dinner with another guy, I texted him and asked where we met for the movie at 16pm, he answered me at 20pm (he went on line before, I could see his last logged on time) and said scroll up the conversation, he even didn't bother to type the name of the place which would be shorter than this message, I asked him to type it, he answered like 10 mins later, and then he asked me my schedule on thursday, I got a bad feeling about it, and I was right, he texted me around 21:45 and said that he can't leave but didn't say why or anything else, I asked again, then he just didn't answer until yesterday evening, he texted me to apologize and said that he understood i dont want to see him again etc.I couldnt help and answering him to ask why he did that, then still no response till now. I really dont get it, every guy I met likes me, and they all think that I am very hot, pretty and nice, I dont have problem finding guys at all, and no one ever stood me up like this, I took the train to go see this asshole, and he treated me like that, I was always nice to him and to everyone, I dont get it:(


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  • Yet another mistreated woman giving away the milk for free.

    There's not much to get; he's rude. Rude people don't seem to have a problem wasting other people's time.


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