I've been seeing this guy for two months now and we haven't DTR (define the relationship)?

I've been seeing this guy/friends with benefits for just over two months now. We go out for dinner he always pays, we hold hands in public, when we are at home watching telly he holds my hand or holds me, he has cooked me, he said he doesn't want to commit but then he said to me I'm relationship material, he calls me baby or beautiful always giving me compliments, He bought me chocolates for Easter. The other day we were out for dinner and he said by the way my sister is meeting us I've met his sister, his nephew, his brother in laws father and brother. Last night he asked to go out for dinner but I had other plans so he said will catch up this Saturday night. I just want to know is this something more considering I met his family?


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  • If you saw another guy at this point, he'll feel a stab of jealousy. You're both more or less together. It sounds like its time to have the DTR conversation.


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