Was he giving me the brush off or how does army weekend training work?

The guy I have been dating for 4 months now has army training this weekend. We hung out last weekend and had a great time together.

We have been talking/joking around like normal this week and on Wednesday night he mentioned that he doesn't have to leave the state this weekend for his training. Normally they go to a nearby state where he would have to stay at the army there. I didn't ask anymore about it. Last night I called him and we were talking and I mentioned the idea of us hanging out one of the nights if he wanted to. He said he would let me know today because he wasn't sure how busy he would be with army stuff then went on to say if we did anything it wouldn't be anything much because he has to be up early.

I know i'll be seeing him next weekend for sure because a mutual friend won us all VIP tickets to a concert. I'm sure i'm just over thinking it but I only get to see him on the weekends due to where we live.

Is army training on weekends that tiring/time consuming? He doesn't seem real thrilled about being at that all weekend. I just would have felt better had I been giving some reassurance as to him wanting to see me etc.


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  • Depending on what service he's in, (national guard, army reserves, air guard, etc) the drill weekends could be shortened occasionally but not by much. Normally the unit he's in will need to document a given number of MUTAs (Military Unit Training Activity) in that weekend to justify paying a week's salary for it. They'll normally fill it with make work if there's not much real stuff to do.

    If you're with someone in the reserve component, expect to simply write off drill weekends and the two weeks in the summer. If he's an officer in a leadership position, there will be additional time required by the job beyond that. Also be prepared for him to be deployed. Since 911, we've been sending troops all over hell and back and the reserve components have gotten stuck carrying more than their share of the weight.

    • He is in the national guard. He is also a leutenant (spelling) I just was curious if all of this stuff you talk of is tiring or what it's like. I have no clue. I know in July he has to be gone for 2 weeks for training that he is not looking forward to.

    • If he's a lieutenant, it's gonna be really tiring. I was an NCO and I ran my LTs HARD. :-) You had to keep em busy or they'd start messing with how you ran the unit. ;-)

    • Gotcha. Well I appreciate the information. I really know nothing about this kind of thing and he only does this part time. It's obviously not his full time job. I will just be respectful of him and let him decide if he is up for doing something then. That seems like it'll be the best approach :-)

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  • Being you Both are going to hook up Next weekend, he most likely is too 'nervous' and doesn't want to let you down that he May Want to do other things with friends he may have not seen and gone out with in awhile. If this is the case, just confront him and be understanding. Tell him if he has other plans, you completely understand. Believe me, this soldier will appreciate your Loyalty and compassion with his schedule and time, trying to divide it all up with everyone he knows and cares about.
    Good luck.xx

    • I'm not so sure that he has any other big plans this weekend with friends. He just made it seem like he may be too tired to go out and do anything too much because of the army drill he has all weekend long. I was just concerned wondering if drill is as tiring as he makes it out to be? I'm cool with if he wants to hang out with his army buddies after training but just would rather him tell me that etc too. I highly doubt they would do anything too much either since they all have to be up early the following morning on both Saturday and Sunday.

    • Okay..Yes, it Is tiring, I can tell you That, and perhaps he may just want some time for Himself to relax, be alone, take some time and space for himself, and do hi sown thing. I can relate to that. It's very healthy for couples to do their own thing from time to time, makes better for a stronger relationship.

    • In any event, when moments like this arise, perhaps a serious sit down to Compromise is in order.xx

  • Have you ever even heard of the military ? He doesn't have a choice and he will feel like death. Please try to be less self involved. His life is stressful as is!

    Before you say I'm too young to know. I grew up army and my boyfriend is in now. I'm also preparing to join the reserves