Why do families do this to their own family members or friends?

Whenever someone comes up to them and lets them know that their partner might be cheater. They talked to someone who told them they were a cheater. Yet their family or friends tell them that person is lying or their jealous. Why do they never tell them it's a possibility it could be true. You need to watch out for your partner. It's like they set them up for failure. What happens if this person marries the cheaters and has children. Yet if their family or friends would've e said something they would've been more cautious.


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  • Because there is that chance that you might not believe them, so they rather you find out on your own that start thinking that they are making it up.

    • Exactly especially if your a female and you tell that to your sister or friend they will think your jealous. Since society has portrayed women to being jealous machines when in reality not all women are jealous people. While men aren't seeing as jealous beings. Were all human beings and were prone to be jealous it is not gender based. This the reason why I feel women get screwed over because we feel any man trying to give us advice is jealous. Men use this as well to keep women in check as well as make them feel dumb when they suspect the man is doing something suspicious. Oh your just jealous and since we've been brainwashed to think only women are catty or jealous than we believe it. Just look at all the Reality shows when I have seen a show like this with men beating the crap out of each other. Men do act this way they are just more sneaky.

    • any WOMAN trying to give us advice is jealous.