Guys please tell me what's wrong with the guy I am dating?

So, we have been dating for over a month now, three dates so far so good, awesome chemistry in between. After the third date he didn't contact me, when i texted he replayed saying sorry i was too busy & we talked normally. 5 days passed and no contact again, i texted him and he replayed saying sorry i was busy and out of town (he is a band member & had a concert) and his grandma passed away last night. we talked for Couple of texts and he said he had to go be with his family & will talk to me after & said I was sweet & he appreciate it. Now it's been three days since and he didn't talk!! Is he trying to tell me that he doesn't want to talk or what?
I am so confused!!


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  • This guy is really busy and preoccupied with his grandmother's death and his band right now. Give him space and time. Do your own thing for a while and check in on him from time to time.

    If he comes back he comes back. If not then at least all the activities you've been doing and friends you have been hanging out with will make you feel like you have a life and are not so reliant on him to make you feel good about yourself. Who knows maybe you should date other guys for a while whilst he sorts himself out, just to tide you over. You obviously want someone who can actually be there for you and this guy is clearly to busy in his family and career? (god knows if his band is any good) to be 100% emotionally available to your needs.

    That's what you have to work out.

    • yeah you are right I'll get busy with my exams, I tried to talk to other guys but I'll still think about him & wait for his texts in particular.
      Thanks for responding :)

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  • You said yourself his grandmother past away. He's probably just been busy with his family, plus his band. Don't worry too much.

    • Yeah I know I just can't stop thinking about him :(

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    • Yeah, thanks a lot :)

    • No problem :)