Does this sound needy and desperate?

Okay so me and my guy friend are in a open relationship & been hooking up. I messaged him wed saying 'guess who has a free house all weekend? Just marking of the places we can fuck on.' He starte replying but stopped so I gave it half hour before I sent 'if you don't want to that's fine, I'm sure someone else will.' He replied back 'driving..' Straight away and I left it but he never messaged back.

I got a snapchat from him yesterday asking 'if it was the weekend yet.' And that's the only contact I've had since. I want to see what's going on about tonight as otherwise I'm going to make other plans. So which text should I send that doesn't sound needy or desperate?
1) what you up to tonight?
2) you coming over tonight or nah as otherwise I'm going to make other plans.
3) still want to chill later? Don't fancy being home alone so let me know as I'll see if anyone else wants too :)


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  • It's kind of hard what he's trying to say! I think maybe he was busy and did not reply back, but you saying "I'm sure someone else will" probably pissed him off a little bit! I said call instead of texting, if he doesn't answer your call, or it goes straight to voicemail. You know where you stand and screw it, its an open relationship, call another guy over!