I feel like we're reaching relationship status without ever discussing it?

This guy and I have been hanging out and I feel like we're slowly falling into a relationship without discussing it. I mean we fool around, watch movies, text all the time, cuddle, talk about our lives, etc.


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  • thats how usually relationships develop, whenever a guy says he wants a relationship with a girl it never really works out, but if the girl states it first or it flows into one then yea, thats how it happens.


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  • if he isn't discussing it then that's how he feels, most likely. you might have to just give it more time.

    • I'm good on the waiting front. I want to wait.

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    • Of course why wouldn't I? I don't want ro rush things we've only been doing this for a month and a half

    • inorite? why wouldn't you. I don't get it when other people just wanna rush and make impulse decisions.

  • Then kiss him and make it happen silly girl!


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