Does something sound very odd about this situation, ex bf of one of my prevous ex gf's is now suddenly going after my on again off again gf?

I'm finding the situation very weird and wonder if there is something more sinister is play here.

to try and explain the situation I meet both of these girls at local bars over the years and its a small town so we all went to the same bars. I stopped being friends / broke up with one well over a year ago and she has this ex bf who I always see at bars and it feels like he follows me around and doesn't like me.

so I meet this other girl last year and we had an on again off again thing that wasn't solid in the sense and when we were having issues he suddenly appeared in the picture and started to hit on her and for some reason she gave him her # and they sort of became friends and might of gone on some dates I'm not exactly sure.

but I just find the whole thing really weird and don't understand why he is targeting this one specific girl so badly when he seems to just go to bars and hit on random girls yet he claims to be so interested in the one girl I like and he knows we are an issue? is there possibly something much more sinister in play here and past ex and her friends trying to make my life miserable and steal this girl from me as they know I like her a lot.

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  • Small town you said it, the dating pools are bound to over lap.

    • I realise that but still there is other single girls and girls who do not have an on again off again bf who are looking to meet guys. I'm suppose to believe this is the only girl he could meet in town? and that there is nothing else going on here. I don't know I just don't like or trust his circle of friends and crap like this is expected from them