Am I doing the correct thing? Feeling duper guilty?

I met him in 2012. I was married and he was single and he wanted just sex. I fell in love with him. From the start: all wrong!
He was nice to me the whole time though he'd ignore me when he had better plans.
He'd never look for me if I it was not me who initiated contact.
I almost forced him to date me one night. And forced him two times to see me. He agreed because he is a nice guy and probably because he had no other plans.
He always replied to my texts. Always. Sooner or later.
But now i had to turn off my phone because I was getting obsessed. And i also stopped visiting online dating sites we used to communicate. I don't know if he ever replied to my last text asking him for answers because my phone is turned off since last Monday and I'm feeling guilty.

My question is am I doing the right thing trying to move on from this guy? Should I feel guilty of turning my phone off?


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  • So you are or were married now? You did or didn't cheat on your husband?

    Well if you are trying to save your marriage and move on with your life then yes you are doing the right thing. If you are obsessed with a guy who is nice to you, and paid you attention there is something to be said for you. Keeping contact with this guy would be a bad idea, but then again you might be looking for someone who just wants you for sex. There is a lack of respect for yourself here.

    But you dont exactly give a lot of info here. And Im guess you are trying to save your marriage. But a bit more info would be nice here

  • if you are not still married and you have feelings for him, contact him and explain about your phone. end of story.


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