Sooooo I'm talking to this guy and we are taking things slow...too slow?

I always have to text him first or ask him when can I see you. I understand that he has two jobs and goes to school but if you like someone you make time for them right? Even if it's just to send a text that you are thinking of me. Should I give up and just move on? It didn't start this way. It started with sending pictures and random texts. I don't constantly call him or text him. What am I doing wrong?


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  • Your not hanging out with him. Stop over thinking and start having fun !!!


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  • Is that all you do, text back and forth? Have you actually gone out with him yet?

    • Yes I have

    • Sounds like more texting, than actually hanging out. Maybe try to get together more often. When you text him, are you asking if you can come over and hang out? You don't have to go anywhere or do anything, just being together can mean so much.

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  • This is what cause me to break up with my most recent ex. We were BOTH insanely busy but I still managed to make time. If he is not putting in the effort, don't justify it. Talk to him about it. Explain that you feel ignored. Say you don't expect a text every hour, just something to let you know he actually thinks about you still. If he's not willing to change he's not worth your effort even after voicing your opinion.

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