Girl I like decides she wants to set me up?

There is this girl i like who gives me mixed signals. She wants to set me up with this new girl who we hardly even know. She told me how good looking this girl was. It seems really odd as the other girl doesn't know me either or shown signs of interest. Hope it's some kind of test and I'm not in the friend zone.


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  • She probably knows you have a crush on her, and May be 'testing the waters' to See if she is right, by trying to find out your reaction 'to set you up with this new girl.' Or she could be just trying to throw you a bone by being nice and Want to Introduce you to someone who is good looking and may be More your type. It's one or the other.
    There's Only One way to put this doggie to bed and that's to Ask her if she Might want to hang out sometime with You. Her answer will determine if you can continue Not guessing Or-----Let sleeping dogs lie, and Continue being in the 'friend zone.'
    Good luck.xx


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  • There was a guy who was crushing on me bad. I knew it, but didn't like him back so I set him up with a friend of mine to get his focus off of me. This post reminds me of that. Sorry.

  • I would do it, if I want to be only friends with the guy.


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