How to show a guy that the feeling is mutual?

I am 22 years old and i have never had a boyfriend. in high school i was an outcast and got teased and bullied some so i am not very confident but i can fake it i guess. throughout high school and even university i have watched my friends living their love lives and beat myself up about being chronically single and never been kissed. the problem is when a guy shows interest i am unable to put myself out there because i am too shy and just feel embarrassed and feel exposed and then i end up regretting it all year.

how do i begin to enter the game without loosing the guy's respect? my biggest fear i think is being just another number

(description: slightly socially awkward but i am described as an amazing person once people get to know me. 5ft6, 112 pounds)


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  • to me socially awkward people are the best to date. just be yourself. a guy who knows your worth will come along soon. Dont force it cos everyone is dating and your not

    • thank you. its just that I've turned down guys that i actually like and just feeling like it will always be a pattern. but you are probably right. the right one will persist

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