Pressured into liking someone?

So I've been best friends with this guy on and off for a couple years now and at the beginning of our friendship I had a sorta small crush on him but never acted on it he's dated a bunch of my friends so i guess i sort of just over looked him for a while, but recently I've been hearing left and right people asking me if were dating or if we like each other or that we'd look cute together so on and so forth and even my mom says I look at him in a "more than just friends" sort of way and to be honest I don't even know anymore because he is VERY attractive and sweet and I don't know just perfect like we aren't the stereotypical best girl and guy friends in movies cause there are boundaries but we tell each other a lot maybe not everything but a lot but he has dated a lot of my friends, and I don't know. we're going to prom together and I'm not exactly sure If I should admitt it to him then because I'm graduating and it'd be the least awkward place to sort of tell him cause I could avoid him and never face him again if he doesn't feel the same I guess... XD any advice? I'm sooo confused

So he sorta has a thing now with this girl... :/ he says they aren't really serious and he feels like they're only physical and don't connect intellectually but then he tells me he might have feelings for his ex again not that he'd act on it...


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  • I am in a similar situation, however I have already graduated and missed that opportunity to tell him how I felt. If you like him, go for it! I mean he already agreed to go to prom with you, that's a good sign!

    • Well he as friends not like a couple :/ so I don't know

    • Personally my male friends would not agree to going to these events with me if they didn't like me that way. At the end of the night, just bite the bullet and tell him how you feel. Something like "I had a great night, I'm glad we went together. I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time but I've been a little nervous. I like you more than friends and was hoping you feel the same". If he rejects you, it's his loss! You can always back pedal if you want to remain friends by saying you were caught up in the moment or ignore him. I get a lot of comments from friends about my male company, it's probably you guys have great chemistry, think if it like a complement.

    • Thanks :P this is really helpful ^-^ my sister sort of told me the same thing but told me to blame it on the alcohol if it doesn't work out xD

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  • Your not under pressure. you admit you like him. It shouldn't necessarily be at prom. Just at any setting where you feel its right you can tell him. When he is in a good mood

    • Yes I do like his as my best friend and before I got to know him I saw him as a potential since then things have changed so I'm not sure if I'm just letting other people convince me I like him.

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    • Crap accidently down voted :( sooo sorry xD

    • people only want to hear stuff that will make them happy. not the truth. i like the crap part

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