What are your turn off's on a date?

Has there been a really bad date you have had? What is some turn off's for you on a date? One for me is when a guy interrogates me and asks way too many questions, to the point it feels like an interview. Is there something you feel girls should avoid doing on a date?


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  • Yeah, don't sign up for it when you know it's a date, and you know that he thinks it's a date, and then you try to pull the whole "Oh, did you think this was a date?"

    Yeah, I buy dinner for strangers and tell them to dress nice for it all the time. There are some girls out there who are serious users; they get stuff out of it like meals, concert tickets, movie tickets, etc.

    I've gone on dates with... about 8 girls, and I had 2 of them try to pull that stunt. Not cool.


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