Does he like me or was it just an in the moment thing?

I went camping with my brother and some of his friends and there was one guy there who I hung out with and talked to the whole night. When everyone was going to sleep he asked if I wanted to sleep in his truck since I had no where else, I agreed. We were sitting in his truck listening to music and he started playing with my hair. I was a bit confused, until he asked if I liked him. I said I do, but I barely knew him. He told me he liked me and everything got really quiet. Then out of nowhere he asked for a goodnight kiss, I said no, then we traded numbers. We did however cuddle all night, then it got uncomfortable so we ended up cuddling in the bed of the truck and talking all night. The next morning we were the first ones awake so we jut laid there cuddling until everyone was up. Then when he left he just smiled at me. He never text me. I saw him a few times after that and he basically ignored me. We went to the movies with a group of friends and he sat far away from me and never said a word. I old my brother about that night and everything else. He told me that the boy was a really shy person. Does this seem true or does he not like me? Should I text him? All this happened a couple weeks ago. Thank you :)


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  • do not text him that is a cowards waybof talking call him and see if he wants to go out with you sometimes the girl has to make the fist move cause he might have thought you was giving him mixed signals


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