Single & dating which guy do I pick?

I am Single & dating and talking to 3 guys trying to figure out which one to pick to be exclusive with and hopefully something serious after. I have NEVER slept with any of them or anything of that nature just phone conversations & dates.

guy#1-Memphis He stays in Texas I stay IN n.c known him a year and a half just about.We met on my car page I am the admin of Street Queens. He is 28 he has 3 kids. Wants to Settle get married wants me to visit Texas to see if we click like we have on the phone etc.
cons: Texas is far,3 kids I have none, big step t move
pros: We are like twin minded same attitude a lot in common talk through a lot of things.

Guy #2- Ronald aka ron stays about 3 hours away in the country of N.c I stay in the city wants to settle have kids etc.

cons; Live 3 hours away, sometimes he over analyze things like on my facebook, doesn't want me dating other guys even though we are both single and NOT EXCLUSIVE but changed his mind & said im right over text and calls sometimes. known him for about 2-3 weeks 24 years old

pros: southern gentleman, calls a lot even on his breaks. texts a lot

Guy # 3 -Seth had the most adventurous date ever! went to a small theme park on the beach paid for everything laughed then went on the 4x4 only part of the beach drank mangaritas but didn't get tipsy or drunk looked @ the stars and we kissed that was all. age 28

Cons: he leaned on my knee & I felt his soldier was happy ;-/ was a little fresh handed grasped my butt a little when we were leaning on each other but didn't say a word about his soldier or anything.

Pros; Really funny, adventurous, calls and text just the right amount not over bearing love his country side stays 15 -20 mins from my house gentle man open doors, car doors

If get serious with anyone I would be willing to move or have one move closer and of course I would stop talking to the other 2. They have pros and cons but which one should I pick?


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  • if u like two at once, u dont like either, ur enjoying the attention, ur not getting elsewhere. you need to work on you, not ur love life

    • yea sure its called dating. you know talking to different people to see which one benefits the best for you and your life.

    • no, you dont date two people at once, unless ur an idiot. you need to work on you, and get over the attention

    • I don't like the attention they have qualities differently from each other I like im not in love with them or even exclusive im getting to know them that is all.

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  • To answer your own question you need to know yourself.

    Find out if being with one of these guys would work well for you.

    e.g. if you are a very slow person when it comes to making decisions you would look for a patient guy.

    Get the one that would work well in a marriage. Don't weigh up cons too much. There is always gonna be a disagreement in a marriage. You just gotta find the one that can work well with you.

    • I like this answer I think I will wait it out a few months to see who is real except # 1 its been a year and a half I know he is serious but the other 2 I don't know yet

    • Get to know the others a lot better too. You just never know.

      Maybe another guy totally different will come and sweep you off your feet.

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  • One or three.

    One is the safe option
    But three seems very promising, maybe just see how things go for a little bit long.

    With the way you described three as apposed to the other two, it seems like you are more interested in him anyway.

    But in reality just go with you heart. :)

    • I was thinking the same thing 1 is an awesome guy but he lives sooo far and has 3 kids I have none but 3 was so sweet and lives right in town I think I should wait it out and see who's being sincere or not

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