Is he interested or just leading me on? Did he deserve a second chance?

So, i met this guy through a friend one night at a bar. He was on a first date with a girl, whom i actually knew. The next day, he started messaging me on Facebook, and we hung out that night. He came over and we watched movies, went for a walk along the beach. He stayed the night and he didn't try anything sexual which was a really good sign. That night he asked me to go to a certain club on the upcoming Thursday night.. On that Thursday night, i arrived before him and he later on arrived - with the other girl he was with when we first met. He assured me they weren't seeing each other anymore on the first night we hung out. She came up to me, as we knew each other and said hey and then he spoke to me for a bit then went and sat with her. I then left the club as i didn't like the way he treated me then.

We didn't speak until 4 months later, when he sent me a text message saying "hey stranger". I texted him back, having the thought that he may be deserving of a second chance. He's been texting me for a bout 3 weeks now and last weekend he was clubbing and called me at 2am in the morning as he couldn't get entry into the club and had no money for a taxi, or his house keys. I stayed at my place that night, and he was trying to get physical which i did not allow. In the morning when i dropped him at his friends house, he told me he would text me later - which he didn't.

From the way he was acting and stuff he was saying previous to this night through text, i got the impression that he was interested in me. he tells me he's 'attracted to me' and that he doesn't like being single. now when he texts me, he says hey then will text for about 4 texts and stop replying, or give me one word answers which lead the conversation no where. or when i text him, he will swell give me one word answers or stop replying. If i don't text him for a few days, he'll text me and the phsycle repeats.

Im not sure what to do...


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  • Sounds like he doesn't know what he really wants. He wants you, but doesn't want to admit it, maybe he's too wrapped up in the "single life". Honestly I wouldn't fret too much over this one. It's best you find someone who is willing to chase you and knows what he wants instead of playing games. This guy also sounds a bit like a user and manipulator.