So girl I wanted to date is now dating or supposedly dating another guy , time to move or just stay friends?

I had really wanted to date this girl but she was away at school and it proved too difficult at that time , now she is back home and things have been weird , I've seen her several times at local bars and talked to her. she seemed interested but maybe she see's me as more of a friend or is type of girl that has a lot of guy dating options cause there has also been a couple other guys she's talked to or hung out with.

but last night things just got really weird , I saw them in a line waiting to get in local pub and talked to her and her gf , things seemed fine but there was this guy with them I had never seen before and I know them fairly well. she then claimed to be dating this guy and that she had known him for a couple years but he was off working out west and doesn't come home much. so there like supposedly dating and she was wearing much more revealing clothes than normal and it appeared like they were or going to be having sex.

so anyways I really like being friends with this girl and her gf and don't want to screw that up as they know a lot of cool people and a lot of the local girls there age as well. its just I really wanted to date her and don't see why she'd rather date a guy who is like never here? over the guy down the road who is like in love with her. anyways is she claiming to be dating this guy to get rid of me or make me jealous or does she just want to date him or does it really matter and its clear she doesn't want to be anything more than friends at this time


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  • It seems clear she has no interest in dating you, sorry. Whether she is dating the guy or not she wants you to know she's unavailable.


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