Should I believe him about wanting to get married?

My bf and i have only been dating for 10 months and live together as well..we have talked about marriage and kids in the future and would both be ok if it happened. Couple nights ago we were talking about it and I jokingly said yeah prob 10 years from now and he said no within 5. But what I grt confused about is one night he can be all loving and the next night he can be a smartass/jerk. His dad is like that as well so it must run in the fsmily. Wednesday night he was all loving when he came home saying he missed me and he loves me. Then last night he was kinda being a jerk. Why does he go back and forth and should i believe him about the marriage thing?

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  • That is the way most people are, even if they don't realize it. People treat others differently based on our moods, and our moods change all the time for all sorts of reasons.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why is he loving one minute and a jerk the next? Sweetie, he's a MAN. You'd be hardpressed to find one that wasn't ever a jerk, and if you did, I'd be inclined to think there is something wrong with him.

    • Well I know he doesn't have to be loving every night but just don't get why he is like that one night and bam the next night I gotta ask him to cuddle and he can be a jerk.

    • I just told you why. He's a man. I wasn't joking.

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