When is it considered talking?

This guy and I have been talking frequently for about 4 weeks now. We've kissed, gone out on dates, talk just about every day and have both said we liked each other. Are we "talking" or still just plain friends who like each other? When is it considered talking (on the verge of dating)? I don't want to be official just yet but I wouldn't mind if we were labeled as talking. Thanks.


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  • You've been talking since you started kissing and dating. Friends don't kiss.


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  • I'm confused. It sounds like you guys are already dating. What makes you think that you're not?

    • I guess because when we first started talking as in the first time just chatting, we were just catching up (we went to school together years ago). So we just ended up talking every day and liking each other. That led to going out on dates. So where is the distinction between friends who like each other and do activities vs we're talking (going to eventually be official)? How do I know we aren't just friends?

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